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We are HQ Insiders.

As the only known comprehensive database of HQ questions, we have logged 1,053,685,874 responses to HQ Trivia Questions.

**UPDATE 8/1/18**

We have placed a sample data set on Kaggle for your enjoyment! Download here

We have completed new long form analysis of HQ Trivia questions. Geek out here

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Featured Graph:

Savage Questions per Game Steadily Increasing Over Last 6 Months



Expect new features on the way. Here are a few in store:

-Live updates to dashboards and live tweets on game stats
-Text analysis of HQ vs other trivia games using NLP (Natural Language Processing)

and much more!


all publication requests and media inquiries can be directed to justin@hqinsiders.com

If you are interested in accessing the HQ Insider raw data archive, please contact us at data@hqinsiders.com.                                 secret link