Data Vault

HQ Insiders has worked hard to create a comprehensive data archive to create insights for media, analysts, and HQ fans alike. The live (As of 8/1/18) status of the data collected is below:

Player Responses: 1,053,685,874

Questions: 3,836

Games: 319

HQ Insider’s primary data is composed of exclusively publicly available information users see on the screen during gameplay. This includes the following fields:


Viewership (At the time correct answer is shown)*

Answer Choice 1

Respondents Choice 1

Answer Choice 2

Respondents Choice 2

Answer Choice 3

Respondents Choice 3

Correct Answer

From this data we have created extensive metadata in calculated fields and associated tables. By seeing the performance of all players, our data allows us to compare our Insider’s performance to other players. We hope you enjoy the insights!

We are always looking to partner with new groups to learn from our data. If you are interested in accessing the HQ Insider raw data archive, please contact us at